BANDEAU Poinçonnage Profil - Extrusion Virole
BANDEAU Usinage Profil - Découpe Crémone
BANDEAU Expansion Tube - Outil-sous-presse Plat
BANDEAU Rétreint Filière Tube - Rétreint Mors Tube
BANDEAU Poinçonnage Tube - Ecrasage Détourage Poinçonnage Tube
BANDEAU Poinçonnage Tube - Grugeage Tube
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Customer components – Tube crush-forming for assembled structures

Forming-shaping-punching combines the processes of punching, forming and shape-shearing of tube ends. The tooling is combined to perform the 3 operations in a single press stroke. They can be broken down according to the quantities produced. This process is particularly useful for reinforcing and stiffening metal structures. Tube forming is highly developed for greenhouse construction and ensures watertightness.

You will find below a few examples of our customers' parts, for which we have produced machines or tooling for forming or routing, forming and punching.

Technical details :