BANDEAU Poinçonnage Profil - Extrusion Virole
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BANDEAU Expansion Tube - Outil-sous-presse Plat
BANDEAU Rétreint Filière Tube - Rétreint Mors Tube
BANDEAU Poinçonnage Tube - Ecrasage Détourage Poinçonnage Tube
BANDEAU Poinçonnage Tube - Grugeage Tube
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Tube and Pipe – Die expansion

Tube expansion by means of dies enables you to increase the cross-section (round, square, rectangular, etc.) of different materials (steel, stainless steel, aluminum, copper, etc.), to fit it into another, and to calibrate it to a precise dimension.
Tube expansion can change the shape of the tube: transforming a round tube into a square tube.... This forming operation is performed at the end of the tube.

It can also be used to crimp 2 parts together.

We design and manufacture autonomous, manually-loaded tube expansion machines as well as fully-automated, CNC-controlled punching machines, from the input magazine. The bundles of tubes can be loaded in automatic loader. The tubes can be unloaded automatically. Our tube punching machines adapt to your needs as well as your budget. Tube punching is often combined with one or more other operations (tube end forming, swaging, sawing or shearing, notching, forming, marking, etc.).

Advantages : 

  • High speed
  • High repeatability