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Tube and Pipe – Notching

Tube notching is used to cut connections between 2 tubes (round, square, rectangular...) of equal or unequal dimensions and different materials (steel, stainless steel, aluminum, copper, cast iron, plastic...). The connection angle can be between 90° and 45° (prior feasibility study for angles far from 90°). Tube notching can be done with or without water droplets (for galvanizing or painting).

We design and manufacture autonomous, manually-loaded tube notching machines as well as fully-automated, CNC-controlled punching machines, from the input magazine. The bundles of tubes can be loaded in automatic loader. The tubes can be unloaded automatically. Our tube punching machines adapt to your needs as well as your budget. Tube punching is often combined with one or more other operations (tube end forming, swaging, sawing or shearing, notching, forming, marking, etc.).

Advantages :

  • Much faster than Laser or Plasma.
  • Quick tool change.
  • Perfect connection because the cut is tangential: a perfect imprint of the tube to be connected; unlike Laser or Plasma cutting.
  • Burr- and chip-free  

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