BANDEAU Poinçonnage Profil - Extrusion Virole
BANDEAU Usinage Profil - Découpe Crémone
BANDEAU Expansion Tube - Outil-sous-presse Plat
BANDEAU Rétreint Filière Tube - Rétreint Mors Tube
BANDEAU Poinçonnage Tube - Ecrasage Détourage Poinçonnage Tube
BANDEAU Poinçonnage Tube - Grugeage Tube
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Food industry- Shelving

Punching without deformation is the most widely used process for manufacturing shelving. It enables holes of various shapes to be produced at a high rate, thereby optimising manufacturing costs (reduced tooling costs).

We manufacture both stand-alone, manually-loaded tube punching machines and fully-automated, digitally-controlled punching machines, from the input magazine, where bundles of tubes are loaded, to the output magazine, where the punched tubes are retrieved.

Other processes used to manufacture shelving include tube swaging using jaws or dies, shearing and short bending.

We also offer automatic NC multi-profile lines with one or two combined operations, such as profile punching lines or profile shearing lines

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Machine de cintrage tube double tête - Agro-alimentaire Rayonnage