BANDEAU Poinçonnage Profil - Extrusion Virole
BANDEAU Usinage Profil - Découpe Crémone
BANDEAU Expansion Tube - Outil-sous-presse Plat
BANDEAU Rétreint Filière Tube - Rétreint Mors Tube
BANDEAU Poinçonnage Tube - Ecrasage Détourage Poinçonnage Tube
BANDEAU Poinçonnage Tube - Grugeage Tube
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Customer components – Galvanised or painted evacuation

Below are a few examples of customer parts for which we have produced punching or notching machines or tooling for evacuating galva or paint.

We design and manufacture manual tube notchers, as well as complete automatic notching machines, from the input magazine where the bundles of tubes are loaded, to the output magazine where the notched tubes are recovered.

Technical details :

The punching of tubes for the evacuation of paint or galvanised steel is generally carried out using our punching units with or without deformation.

Technical details :