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Machine range – Punching with and without deformation

Deformation-free punching comprises a punch, an inner die and an outer die. It is used to cut a tube or profile without deforming it. Tube punching machines are particularly economical when sections are fixed.

Punching with deformation comprises a punch-die principle with a shape stripper and without an inner die. It enables the first wall of a tube to be punched with deformation and the second without deformation. It is widely used after tube forming, to countersink a screw head or to attach a formed round wire to a tube.

Portable punching is carried out using a set of dies mounted in a punching frame. It is powered by a compact hydraulic unit. It allows the tube punching machine to be moved to work on parts that are too heavy, more quickly than drilling.

Our punching units are often integrated into our automatic profile shearing lines. They enable several operations to be combined to produce a finished part (drilling, tapping, forming, etc.). These machining lines are an ideal replacement for conventional machining centres in certain industrial sectors. They optimise production costs in terms of output, consumables and maintenance costs.

You can download the documents by clicking on the pdf icons at the bottom of the technical data sheets for our tube punching machines and units.